FAQ’s For Moving Companies Near Me


Looking for Moving Companies near me?  Cape Cod Moving and Storage is your one stop solution! Find answers below to most commons questions and then please reach out to one of our moving experts to receive a moving quote.

Cape Cod Moving & Storage is NOT RESPONSIBLE for any loose items or unpacked/packed items left around your home. In addition, we will decline shipment of any Hazardous Materials, Unpacked Items, High-Value Art/Electronics and other questionable items at carriers discretion

Most long distance and local moving services are scheduled for a 9:00-9:30am start time, however Cape Cod Moving Company will try to accommodate special requests, when possible. Please allow additional time during peak season due to Summer Traffic.

Cape Cod Moving Inc is a licensed household goods shipper and can ship almost any items that would be found in a typical home or office.  But there are exceptions, based on risk and/OR legal issues.  Firearms and other dangerous items are forbidden by law.  Other restricted items include: Paint, Propane, Household chemicals, Fertilizer and other poisons.  Our insurance restricts the shipment of Computers, Photo-Copiers and other electronics of a sensitive nature, unpacked mattresses,  pictures, lamps & glass.  All Paintings, Mirrors and other Art-related items MUST be properly packed for shipment.  All boxes must be sealed, top and bottom. All customers waive any valuation for all UN-bagged mattresses. All Mattresses must be placed in sealed mattress bags, prices/dimensions of mattress bags are listed on our moving supplies section. Cape Cod Moving & Storage reserves the right to cover any unpacked mattress at our storage facility, at owners expense. Please speak with an Estimator or a Manager for more details.

Yes we do! Our State-of-the-Art Cape Cod storage facility is fully climate controlled.  As we are a residential AND commercial storage facility we can handle any size home. We are not a self-storage facility, as our insurance prohibits customers from being in working areas.  Please discuss this with your estimator or a manager prior to your move date or learn more about our Climate Controlled Storage on Cape Cod.

No, in most cases the amount that you pay will be less.  Your moving company quote is based on the amount of items that you ship. Cape Cod Moving takes into careful consideration the time that it will take to transport your items to your new home, and we will include the time that it takes to disassemble and reassemble your beds.  As many people are living in their homes when the moving estimate is given, it is not possible to know exactly how many boxes will be shipped or the actual time that is required to take apart certain items of furniture. In addition, our moving company is rarely capable of seeing the new property that you are moving into, and sometimes there are steep driveways or other landscape features that limit how close the moving vans can park to your new home.  All of our estimators were experienced movers and they will use their years of experience to give you an honest assessment of how long the project will take to complete. For your protection, we will not exceed our written moving quote by 25%, in most cases, severe weather excluded.  Please ask your moving company estimator or contact the management for more details.

Many people have two closings in one day, and this is often a very stressful situation. There are two common solutions to this dilemma. The first option is to Pack and Load your items the day before the closings. This will allow you to move (relatively) stress free, and have time in advance to clean out the old home after the Cape Cod movers leave. There is a $200.00 charge, per truck for secured overnight storage. The second option that is also fairly common, is where we would load your items in such a time frame that we are finished loading before the first closing, and we would put the move on hold for a matter of hours while the closings are taking place. We will take one hour off of the total elapsed time for the total move, but the customer is responsible for the actual time that the move takes place, plus the travel time that is incurred on each move.

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